750 ml

Southern Comfort Original 70 Proof Spirit Whiskey

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Southern Comfort Original

Savor the authentic taste of the South with Southern Comfort Original, a whiskey liqueur that’s as smooth as it is flavorful. This 750ML bottle is a celebration of tradition and innovation, offering a taste that’s both timeless and contemporary.

Product Details:

  • Country: United States
  • State: A rich history rooted in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Brand: Southern Comfort, a hallmark of quality and comfort
  • Spirits Type: Whiskey Liqueur
  • Spirits Style: Classic, with a unique blend of fruit and spice accents
  • Taste: A sweet and spicy melody with notes of peach, citrus, and a whisper of vanilla
  • Food Pairings: A versatile companion to a wide range of dishes, from savory Southern fare to indulgent desserts