750 ml

Jameson Irish Whiskey 18 Year Old

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Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey (Original Release)

Indulge in the smooth and aged flavors of Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey. This premium 750ML bottle is made from carefully selected aged whiskeys, resulting in a complex and rich taste. Perfect for savoring on special occasions or as a luxurious gift for whiskey lovers.

Product Details:

  • Country: Ireland
  • Brand: Jameson
  • Spirits Type: Irish Whiskey
  • Taste: Wonderfully mellow and smooth, with complex flavors of toffee, spice, hints of wood, leather, gentle sherry nuttiness, and vanilla.
  • Finish: A long lingering finish that carries the theme of wood, spice, and toffee right through to the end.