750 ml

Arette Artesanal Fuerte 101 Proof Blanco

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Arette Artesanal Fuerte 101 Proof Blanco

Arette Artesanal Fuerte 101 Proof Blanco stands out with its 50.5% ABV, delivering a bold tequila experience that’s both traditional and innovative. Its high-proof quality ensures a pure agave taste, perfect for sipping or elevating cocktails.

Product Details:

  • Country: Mexico
  • State: Jalisco
  • Brand: Arette
  • Spirits Type: High-Proof Tequila
  • Taste:
    • Dominant cooked agave flavor with a robust mineral presence.
    • Notes of black pepper, anise, and cinnamon add complexity.
    • Subtle undertones of citrus and herbal essences.
    • A unique wet cement note, followed by a grape-like sweetness.
        • The finish is medium-long, with a citrusy sweetness and a chili pepper warmth.
      • Food Pairings:
        • Ideal with grilled meats or spicy Mexican dishes.
        • Complements fresh citrusy salads or artisanal cheeses.