200 ml

Baby Rabbit Armenian Brandy 9yr


Baby Rabbit Armenian Brandy 9yr

Experience the exquisite taste of Baby Rabbit Armenian Brandy, aged for 9 years to perfection. Crafted in the heart of Armenia, this premium spirit offers a smooth and rich flavor profile, boasting subtle notes of fruit and oak. Whether sipped neat or enjoyed in a cocktail, Baby Rabbit Armenian Brandy delivers a luxurious drinking experience that is unparalleled. Pair it with indulgent treats like dark chocolate, dried fruits, or a selection of cheeses for a truly elevated tasting journey. Elevate your spirits collection with this exceptional brandy that promises to delight even the most discerning palates.

Product Details:

  • Country: Armenia
  • State: N/A
  • Brand: Baby Rabbit
  • Spirits Type: Armenian Brandy
  • Taste: Smooth and rich with hints of fruit and oak
  • Food Pairings: Dark chocolate, dried fruits, and cheese platters