375 ml

Buffalo Trace Whiskey Experimental Collection (Made with Peated Malt)


Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Made with Peated Malt) 

This experimental collection offers a fascinating twist on traditional spirits, combining Baijiu ingredients like sorghum and peas with 11 years of aging in uncharred, charred, and toasted white oak casks. The result is a distinctive and memorable spirit that defies categorization. 

Product Details:

  • Country: Crafted in the United States
  • State: Produced in Kentucky
  • Brand: Buffalo Trace
  • Spirits Type: Baijiu-style spirit (distinct from traditional whiskey)
  • Spirits Style: Unique, light, and sweet with grassy funk
  • Taste: Balances chewy toffee, cinnamon sugar, and chocolate chip cookies
  • Food Pairings: Ideal with saffron-infused dishes and pink peppercorn-spiced cuisine