750 ml

Glenmorangie 12 Year Calvados Cask Finish Single Malt Whiskey

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Introducing the latest release from the select cask series which reveals a uniquely fruity and floral whisky – it the first ever finished in French Calvados casks from Glenmorangie.

The Glenmorangie Calvados Cask Finish is the fifth release in the their Barrel Select series of small-batch single malts, which explores the flavors that arise from different cask finishes. Entwining scents of jasmine with baked apples and pears, this rare 12-year-old bottling offers new mellow depths to Glenmorangie’s signature fruity tones.

Led by their acclaimed Director of Whisky Creation Dr Bill Lumsden, they craft their delicate, fruity spirit in stills as tall as a giraffe to allow more space for taste and aroma, then age it in the world’s finest casks.

Inspired to experiment, he took a whisky which had spent more than 10 years aging in American white oak bourbon casks, for Glenmorangie’s elegant style. He transferred that whisky into casks which, for 20 years, had held Calvados du Pays d’Auge, from Normandy, in France.

Soft and delectably rich, Glenmorangie Calvados Cask Finish unites mellow fruits of baked apples and pears with subtle notes of jasmine, narcissus and vanilla.