750 ml

Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2024: The Heart Release (Coming Soon)


Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2024: The Heart Release is an upcoming release from Maker’s Mark and is a continuation of their Wood Finishing Series.

According to the distillery, it represents the first entry in the second chapter of the Wood Finishing Series. The first chapter consisted of seven expressions focusing on the “influence of select, intentional choices made” when producing Maker’s Mark. Beginning with this release in 2024, the Wood Finishing Series will explore “taste visions inspired by the teams who craft our handmade bourbon,” with the first being created by the distilling team. “This team is the center—the heart, if you will—of our whisky making process,” according to the label.

Like many of Maker’s Mark’s private selections and pioneered by Maker’s 46, this release uses a custom stave profile to unlock new flavor profiles. The Heart Release uses a blend of toasted American and French oak staves.

The label suggests that there will be five releases in this chapter, and it is expected to be bottled at cask strength and without chill filtration.